AMD self test

AMD self test

Has your visual acuity changed? Do you see black spots or do straight lines appear crooked?
Take a self-test.

This is how it works

The Amsler grid test is the simplest way to detect early stage AMD and can easily be performed at home.

  1. Cover one eye with your hand.
  2. Hold the Amsler grid in front of you at reading distance (30-40 cm).
  3. With the other eye, fix on the black spot in the centre of the field.
  4. Look out for blurred, distorted lines.
  5. Repeat the test with the other eye.

In no way does the Amsler grid test replace a medical examination.
Only your eye specialist can give you a sound and definite diagnosis.

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The Amsler grid test shines a light on things.

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The Amsler grid test shines a light on things.

Amsler-Gitter-Test mit verzerrten oder gewellten Linien.
Amsler-Gitter-Test mit verschwommenen Bereiche und grauem Schatten.
  • Do some squares in the grid look larger or smaller?
  • Does the grid have a missing corner?
  • Can empty areas be seen?
  • Are lines distorted or wavy?
  • Are specific areas in the grid blurry?
  • Do you see a grey shadow?

Regardless of your test result, we recommend that you have a regular check-up with your eye specialist so that, should the need arise, you can start AMD treatment in good time.

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